Positano, Italy

Positano, Italy

As far as favourite places goes, this cracks the top 5! Not just for the scenery either, as this was the first time on my trip that I made friends and where I learned that the people I met could make a place. Even without my new friends though, Positano was everything I had hoped and more. The way the towns travel up the side of the hills, the windy roads, the small town beach vibe, the food and hospitality; it’s unparalleled, truly. It’s a great base point as well to visit Amalfi, Sorrento, Capri and Pompeii. I would love to go back one day, and while there is a backpacking/party scene, if I ever went again I’d want to have family or significant other to share it with.

June 24-28, 2013 (also visited Pompeii and Capri)


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