Eze, France

Eze, Francephoto (6) photo (7)

Now, I don’t say this lightly and considering the nearest beach is a 45 minute hike downhill from the actual village, so to say this is my favourite place is a large statement! It is true nonetheless (that’s why I’ve included mutiple photos) and if I could live inside the stone walls of this adorable medieval village, I would. There are a few places, I’ll admit, that I would want to live in Europe. Eze is magical though. I first went as a compromise almost 4 years ago on another trip, but instantly fell in love with this place. It’s actually very small and can be completely visited in half a day. It’s also quite expensive, even the exotic plant garden at the very top charges to go inside. However, the view is absolutely worth it! I also recommend visiting one of the restaurants at the sea view hotels (there are a few), but go at a slow time of day and you might just get as lucky as I did and receive your own private terrace to have a drink on. I returned twice on this last trip and would have gone more if the bus wasn’t so infrequent to get home. There is just something special about the little paths, stone walls, nooks and cranies and shops that line the scenery of this quaint village. Even the tourists couldn’t deter me from loving it here, which says a lot if you know me. Lastly the cemetery and church are so peaceful, looking out at the view from here, you want to whisper as to not disturb the serenity. It’s a mere 30-40 minutes from Nice and a must see if your in the area.

Twice during July and August, 2013


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