Seville, Spain

photo (14)

Oh, Seville; such a pretty place. The streets in the core are small and lively; filled with the smells of food and the chatter of people. I had a lovely time here just wandering around. I met a sweet girl in my hostel and we had so much fun drinking sangrias and talking at a nearby patio. As it was in most places, I wish I could have stayed longer and really have taken it all in. This picture was taken my second day while in Maria Luisa Park. There is an area with a small pond and tons of birds (of all kinds) sit in the trees, swim and wander about. Children were running around making the birds fly, and I waited very patiently for this shot. I probably stood half an hour, but it paid off; this is a favourite picture for sure. It’s also very symbolic of the freedom I felt on this trip and probably why I think its extra special.

September 7-9, 2013


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