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I’m still at a loss why more people aren’t aware or intrigued by this beautiful little island. Every time I mentioned it as a destination on my trip, people wondered why and some even asked where it was. So for those who don’t know; Malta is a tiny island off the coast of Sicily and is made up of 3 islands including Gozo and Comino. It has an amazing history (I’ll touch on that at another post) filled with pre historic temples, knights, war and is definitely worth learning more about. I can’t even remember when I first learn about Malta, that’s how long I’ve wanted to visit. Unfortunately, I became really sick the night before my flight. I was in Madrid and had been feeling a little off since Barcelona, but then I woke in the middle of the night with full body aches and chills. I made it to Malta the next day and basically showered and went to bed. Not wanting to waste my stay, I ventured (sick and all) to the beach the next day. I stayed at a great little hostel near St. Julian’s but the beach of Ghajn Tuffieha was apparently a must see. I ended up on the bay beside it because it’s a little confusing unless you ask, but Golden Bay is lovely too. I bought some snacks and lots of water and I laid on that beach all day long, cooling off in the water when needed. I slept a bit, I read a bit and I relaxed. After a lot of go-go-go, I definitely needed it. I can’t even properly describe the peace I felt there, surrounded by the cliffs of the bay, the sun overhead and the beautiful water. The scenery is rustic and worn, making it feel more like a far away land. However, there is charm that’s indescribable. The beach front restaurant made a great environment for a satisfying dinner and the next day, I did the exact same thing. From the hostel it was a short walk to a bus that took me directly to the beach, so over all it wasn’t a lot of effort. Half way through my week in Malta, a friend from back home came to visit. I knew I had to be in better shape for her arrival, which is why I chose to do nothing for the first few days. The owner of the hostel was amazing too, she answered all my questions (which were a lot) and even let me hang out during the day while I waited for my friend (kind of rare in the hostel world). The next few days were much more eventful, which just goes to show you; Malta has something for everyone. I can’t begin to mention everything there was to see and do, during this one post; so I’ll leave that for another time.

September 14-20, 2013


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