I need some adventure!

This is not a new picture (see Berlin, Germany post) but I recently posted this to my @thirst.living Instagram page and it got me thinking.. I haven’t posted here in forever! It’s not because I’m busy though (which I am); I stopped because every time I go through my photos I become sad. I haven’t had an adventure worth writing about in a year, and my vacation this year will only be a repeat of last year. I’m in a slump. Don’t get me wrong, I’m beyond grateful for my 4 days off that I was able to swing and to go to my favourite place again. I’m also focused very hard on the future and I realize this period of time is just a means to an end. The toughest part for me is waiting, I’ve never been good at that. I want what I want, when I want it! But self restraint is a key life skill that I’m putting into practice. I can’t just run away and teach Pilates in a forgien place because I have responsibilties and goals to accomplish here before that’s possible. I spent the better part of the last 2 years trying to become the person I want to be, the one I used to be and the one who knows who she is. Self discovery and development is ongoing but taking the time is important. I rushed the last trip, I went whole hog and, while I planned it out, I didn’t take care of my life back home. I wouldn’t trade that trip for anything and I wouldn’t change it, but in retrospect I’d do some things differently (including going for longer!).   I’m taking more time for myself now, trying to balance personal time and work. It’s difficult but it’s necessary, work was taking over my life! I’m taking every spare second to have fun and relax, because summer is here and it’s time for some adventure! 



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