Copenhagen, Denmark

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I was reminded of this place just today by the repost of one of my photos, not that I could ever forget it. I can honestly say I had the funniest experiences of my whole trip here and made a friend I hope to keep forever. Like I said before, people can make a place and the introduction of a certain Australian girl did that for me! We met on the bus heading to our hostel when we both asked for the same stop. After getting lost a bit, we found our hostel, checked in and decided to meet for happy hour; which started an inseparable few days and inspired numerous stories. This is also where I learned about City Maps offline app which saved me consistently the rest of my trip. Our first night we met two American boys and after a few drinks, decided we should go see this area called Christiania. This is not a place you should EVER go to at night; it’s governed by itself and basically is a free zone for drugs (during the day it’s fine). We did not know this going in, but after an intimidating moment of being circled by a very agitated woman we thought it best to leave. Of course we wanted beer for the road and wound up inside a building that can only be described as a mafia headquarters. After thanking them for not killing us and an incident with a man impersonating a zombie (not intentionally or for fun) in the bathroom we finally got the hell out of there. Later, we stumbled upon a young Italian guy singing on the street. We watched him for a long time (he was really good) and I even sang a bit of “Wonderwall” with him. Another musician came along and a bit of a jam session broke out, it was really fun. The random things you encounter are what make travelling so amazing!
The next day we made it to see famous “The Little Mermaid” statue commemorating Hans Christian Anderson and had a wonderfully delicious meal by the harbour. We also saw Amalienborg (the palace) and Tivoli Gardens. I love the ominous photo of Amalienborg with the dark clouds overhead, one of my very favourites. It was a relaxing day of sightseeing and shopping; something we both needed at this point (especially when we both came unprepared for the cold). Our hostel offered free dinner and you had to be early to get a seat, so we headed back and got cheap beers at the convenience store to kill time. This is where I learned to check the alcohol % on labels, because 4 beers later we were drunk! Honestly, it’s a blur but I remember playing darts with hardcore locals and getting schooled. Her brother came the last night and the three of us had a blast. I laughed so hard the whole time! Tip from our hostel and very accurate; the best view is from the top of Our Saviours Church, which spirals outside 360 degrees. Overall, it was one of the best places I visited and that is in large part to the people I met. I wouldn’t want to go back though; but only because it was too much fun the first time around!

August 18-21, 2013
Photos are of Nyhavn Harbour, Amalienborg and outside entrance of Christiania.


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