Base Flying and Bravery in Berlin, Germany

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My European adventure was just that; an adventure. I didn’t intend to go for so long but it took on a life of its own. What’s funny though, I never once considered asking someone to come along. I’m an only child and can independent to a fault; but I also tend to be a pushover, not wanting to rock the boat. This was my dream and while I was terrified to be a female alone in a strange place; I didn’t want to compromise, not on this. I chose every place I went and every site I saw, creating my perfect trip. Also, the dork in me had planned about 90% of it before I even left Canada. I’m a planner though, it’s who I am, and I don’t know if I would have been able to relax had I not set it all out prior. Having that structure, allowed me to feel secure while I ventured out on the bravest journey of my life and tested myself in ways I never had before. I started out being very claustrophobic, afraid of open water, talking to strangers, and heights. Berlin is where I conquered one of those fears! I had already tackled the chatting and swimming (I’ll tell you about those later); but this day was the most alive and exhilarated had felt in years! I was riding on a tour bus at the end of a long day of sightseeing on my last day in Berlin, when my guide pointed out the Park Inn Hotel. He (mistakenly) told us bungee jumping was available from the 37th floor and having always wanted to try, I got off at the next stop. After a quick pep talk from my mom, I made my way to the hotel where I learned it was, in fact, something called base flying. I couldn’t think about it or I would have backed out. I paid my money, signed the waiver, took the elevator to the 37th floor, harnessed up and did it. You hover above all of Berlin for about 5 seconds, before dropping (attached to a rope) to an awaiting attendant, 410′ or 125m! I screamed until my breath ran out and afterwards I couldn’t stop shaking, but I also couldn’t stop smiling. I had done it and my mom was right, it reminded me I was alive.

“Bravery occurs when the desire to do, outweighs the fear.” –Me

August 17, 2013


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