Munich, Germany

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I guess you can tell by looking at this picture that it wasn’t taken inside the city. The reason I have just a few shots from this day is because I totally dropped the photo ball here. However, I did go to the famous beer garden Englischer Garten and saw the Chinesischer Turm, where I obviously had to try the beer. Also, while waiting for the bus at Odeonsplatz, my friend pointed out Feldherrnhalle and the site of Beer Hall putsch (1923 failed attempt of Hitler and the Nazis to seize power). This is the only place along my journey where I was staying with someone I knew and my only full day in the area was spent hiking in the Alps. It was a lot harder then I had anticipated and we ended up staying back at a restaurant while the others finished the last leg. I had such a great time though! The Alps are just spectacular and the view during our hike was breathtaking. Just sitting there drinking coffee and looking out at that view, with cows just wandering around; it was so surreal to me. Those of you who don’t know me, cows are actually my favourite animal. To get to see these cows up close and take pictures was really fun for me. The people we went with were so warm and friendly too, it was such a nice experience and I’m glad that’s how I spent my time in Munich.

August 10-12, 2013

Montreux, Swizterland


Montreux, Swizterland

I am posting this one because as far as gorgeous scenery goes, it doesn’t get much better. It’s no wonder Freddie Mercury made Montreux his home. I also enjoyed the French speaking aspect as that’s the only language I can really get by with. I arrived about 7:00am the first day and had the privilege of walking the promenade without many other people around, and I was blown away. It was my first time seeing the alps, which are stunning and seem to surround you from every view. The colour of the water here though is unreal. A light turquoise/green colour that shimmers under the sun in a way you need to see in order to comprehend fully. It was recommended to be by my aunt and I squished it into an already tight schedule (as I also took a day trip 3 hours away the second day). I’m so glad I made room though; it is a picturesque place that no picture can really do justice. I highly recommend a boat tour, if you do make it here, to fully experience the stunning views. Definitely take more time then I did though, as Montreux has lots of things to see and do (including their famous jazz festival every year).

June 20-22, 2013