Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

photo (24)

Seriously, pictures do not even come close to the real sight that is, Giant’s Causeway. It is breathtaking, incredible and completely unbelievable. Until you actually see it for yourself, it’s hard to really comprehend how a place like this can exist without being man made. Each column has 6 sides (some more or less) and those columns differ in height; creating a sort of step like appearance. The stones stretch out quite a distance along the bottom of the cliffs and disappear into the sea. When we were there they were filming a movie, so part of the area was closed off. The film crew was also in the middle of a lot of my scenery photos, unfortunately. It was still a great experience though and definitely a must see! I opted for a tour that also took us through the Bushmills Distillery, Carrick-a-Rede Bridge, which was a convenient way to travel around Ireland. Beware, as a day trip from Dublin (which is what I did), it was a long day of approx. 12 hours. I wouldn’t have changed a thing though; I had a wonderful time and made a new friend. I met a lovely woman, also travelling alone, and we chatted the whole time. I even helped her to conquer a fear of heights by crossing the bridge and as a thank you she sent me a spoon from Belfast, for my collection (yes, I collect spoons). It was unnecessary but very thoughtful and touching. I made a few friends while in Ireland, maybe it’s due to that luck they keep talking about over there?

September 2, 2013